Moostafa & I Have Moved

Posted Nov 26, 2008 in The House

  • Hardly Workin'

    Hardly Workin'

It’s been a fact that I have been busy lately, yes. But I want to take time out to tell all of y’all that Moostafa & I have outgrown the upstairs of the house and moved ourselves downstairs to the basement where we can spread out a little.

That’s Moostafa on the wall over there. Ain’t he cute? My wife made him for me for my birthday. She’s very talented and very sweet.

Like I was saying… fuck… really… I have been swamped with free-lance work as of late. No time to even poop unless I have scheduled it on my calendar. “If it ain’t on my calendar, it doesn’ exist.” some guy I know said once.

I am feeling very appreciative that my career, the house, the wife and of course the dog and two cats have worked out for me. As such, the basement has been the home of my recording studio and rehearsal space since we moved in. Needless to say it usually sees action only once a week or so.

Now… all of that has changed. My drums will just have to suck it up because they have a new neighbor… my desk! So, here I sit writing to you from the desk in the basement where I am feeling quite at home. Hell, I pay a mortgage to have this basement. So, why not use it, eh? You can see me with my feet propped up having a beer and a cigarette talking to that sassy Kati Sheldon lady.

Anyhow… cheers from the basement. I should really go to bed now.


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