Was the Mountain that “Magic?”

Posted Apr 3, 2009 in Vacations

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So… the wife wanted to ride some roller-coasters at Magic Mountain. Who was I to deny the request? I mean… she still let’s me crash at the house every night, right? Apparently roller-coasters are her only adrenaline outlet in this world. Me, I used to snow-board, ride a motorcycle and do a whole lot of dumb boy-type things that got my adrenaline pumping when I was younger. I guess if this is her way, so be it, eh?

Anyhow… we had a lot of fun and that’s all that really matters to me. It was nice to meet up with her brother, Erik and his three kids: Guinevere, Leif and Jean. Her brother is a good father and the kids are extremely cute.

This leads me to confess to you that one of the reasons for the trip was to get all of this out of Karin’s system before she tries to get pregnant. That being said, I can tell you that this was an unofficial experiment for me to hang out with children at an amusement park. I am happy to report that the experiment was a success and that I am looking forward to having children with my lovely wife down the road here. But, you will never, ever, NEVER, EVER get me on the Atomic Barf Ride that Karin, Leif and Guinevere went on.


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