Back to School?!

Posted Aug 26, 2010 in School

  • My Statistics Homework

I won’t lie… I thought I was done with school forever. Little did I know that I would be starting on my masters degree at 40 years old.

So, this summer I went back to school to take a prerequisite class that I need for the masters degree program that I am attempting to get into. Why you ask am I going to get my masters degree now? Well… truth be told, it is to further my career at Seattle Central Community College.

Many of you already know that I teach Web Design & Development there. You may also know that our IT Department has exploded over the last few years. But, what you may not know is that there is a full-time position open that I want. The catch… I need a masters degree to get it. So, I am now attempting to get into the Human Centered Design & Engineering program at the University of Washington.

The class that I took this summer was EDPSY490 – Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences. Man! Was it a lot of work! I think I spent 15-20 hours a week studying for it. But… don’t tell anyone… I actually thought it was kind of fun. And… I got a 4.0! HELL YEAH! My wife now has to take me out to dinner for being such a good little student.

I also learned some interesting facts in the class like:

  • Students who watched Sesame Street as kids do better in high school
  • Men think women are more attractive in front of a red background
  • Birds do not like a box with eyes in it
  • Drugs are bad, M’kay

Anyhow… wish me luck that I get into the masters program. Just don’t bother me when I am trying to study!


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