Kill Your Cable Television!

Posted Sep 22, 2013 in Life, The House

  • Apple TV: HD iTunes content and more on your TV.

    Apple TV: HD iTunes content and more on your TV.

I remember when cable television came out when I was a child. It was a new way of getting your television that promised many new channels and no commercials. And, it was a very big deal. Where do you think I got my MTV from?

But, as the years have rolled passed, cable television seems to have adopted the practice that any good drug dealer knows… After you get them addicted you can raise the rates and give them a shittier product. Don’t worry… They’ll still buy.

Well… the wife and I have had enough and decided to look into other options and quit cable permanently. I had heard of Apple TV here and there in the past year or so as friends would post things on Facebook about their experience. So, I looked into it. And, what I found, was honestly just a better deal.

For quite some time, we have been paying roughly $150/mo. to Comcast for our internet connection and a decent package of television programming. So, what would it cost to get the same programming thru Apple TV, I wondered?

First I had to prioritize and list out what I watched. Don’t judge me, but one of the most important pieces of programming for me is Wrestling. So, could I get it? YES! YES! YES! I found that I could get ALL of the WWE programming thru HuluPlus which is only $7.99/mo.

Fabulous… one off the checklist! So, what was next? Could I get Comedy Central? Don’t lie to yourself. You know you get your news from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. You might even like to watch The Colbert Report too. The answer again was, yes. I could get all kinds of network programming thru HuluPlus.

The only downside to HuluPlus is that the episodes aren’t available until the next day. But, I could get over that. Half of the time I don’t get to see shows when they come on anyway and wish I could watch them when I wanted to. Done.

But, what if I did want to watch Saturday Night Live without waiting until the next day? Well.. with an Amplified HDTV Antenna from Radio Shack, I can get NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, PBS and a few others all in HD! Sweet!

Next, I needed to look into how to get some of the movies that the wife and I like to watch, including documentaries about evolution and the like. The answer to that was NetFlix for another $7.99/mo. So far, my wife was looking pretty happy about this move and so was I. I’ll bet that Gus will also be happy to watch a whole slurry of kid’s movies as well. Done.

This left only a couple of other things, like the fact that I’m a political news junkie. So, where was I to get Rachel Maddow? Well… I found that I could get her podcast thru iTunes for the Apple TV. It’s not as crisp a resolution as cable, but I could live with it. Whew! Now I can get daily reports on the government shutdown! Fuck you, John Boehner. Fuck you.

The last thing on my list was to see about getting Real Time with Bill Maher and Game of Thrones from HBO. Well… this one kinda sucks at the moment. Apparently getting HBO GO without a subscription to a cable or satellite provider is a no go at this point in time. I guess I will have to live with that for the time being and hope that HBO changes it’s mind. It should only be a matter of time and common sense.

This just left the question about our internet connection. Since we already had a land line thru CentruryLink to support the alarm on the house, we checked out what they were offering. I found that we could add high-speed internet for only an extra $19.99/mo. bundled with our existing land line. Done.

So, for those of you that are fuzzy at math, let me spell it out for you. $7.99 + $7.99 + $19.99 = $35.97. That’s over a $100/mo. in savings for us!

Good-bye Comcast. I won’t miss you.



Sep 23, 2013 at 10:52 am

Funny, I think most of us have tried to crack this nut. I’m curious about the CenturyLink wifi. My initial research made me think that it’s high speed was still slower than what I was getting at the performance (lowest) level at Comcast.

How’s school going?


Mike Sinkula
Sep 23, 2013 at 2:03 pm

The wi-fi thru CenturyLink seems to be running fast enough for us. I’m not noticing any sort of difference.

Oct 18, 2013 at 5:26 pm

I haven’t had cable in years. I have CentryLink internet (alas for a greater price) and my friends and I share a netflix account.

The rest of the shows I watch I get off the internet from various sources.



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